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Bottle label design for The Strangest Mix


The Strangest Mix, a brand of original premium premixed cocktails, was looking for a bottle label design that would set it apart from the rest and help it to stand out in a burgeoning market. By deconstructing the nineteenth century illustrations by botanist Charles Dessalines d’Orbigny, we created two bizarre creatures and placed them in…

Film posters designed with irresistible combinations


We’ve imagined film posters that travel through time to create irresistible yet impossible combinations: mongrel crossbreeds between B-movies of the 1950s and 1960s and late 20th century films: Harry, Sally and the creature from the black lagoon; four weddings, a funeral and Bluebeard… and much more to be added! Main feature on the American design…

Design of wine labels for Argos


In their briefing, the client asked us to keep to a minimum the source of the name originating in Greek mythology. Thus the deep blue of a Mediterranean night being traversed by the Argonauts and the coppery setting sun were the subtle references we used to anchor the label. Delicate tracery rounds off this design…