Menu design for La Tagliatella restaurants

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La Tagliatella


We proposed a new design for the menu of La Tagliatella restaurants, taking advantage of the change in format and the restructuring of categories.

For this redesign, we focused on a clear and elegant font that takes up more space with a wider typographic eye and is easy to read even at small sizes. In addition, we chose a typeface with clear Italian influences for the headings, which adds a sense of personality to the menu thanks to a careful and subtle use of its ligatures. We also redesigned the brand’s iconic watermark on the same basis.

We also enriched the new menus with more complex still life images, grouping several dishes of the same category with more elaborate props.

For the menu redesign, we propose a four-column grid, which becomes a three-column grid for the desserts. We have enlarged the margins of the document and the dividing lines to make the layout clearer.

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